Why not use your first name, especially if you practice at Kissy vet.

Dear Dr. Johnson,

Have you ever thought about referring to yourself as Dr. Erik? Using just your first name? Perhaps it would be less intimidating to customers with white coat syndrome.


It crosses my mind very briefly. But the problem with it is that it’s “cutesy” . It’s like naming your clinic “Dancing Cats With Balloons”. Or “Kissy Vet”. It lacks medical validity. And you might say, “wow that’s going a little far“ but no. You can’t search out a veterinarians credentials or license by their first name. So if I called myself, “Dr. Chad”, it would really be hard for a conscientious, consumer to “check me out“ before you brought your beloved pet to me.

Now, more than ever, with the advent of extremely relaxed licensing, the necessary importation of veterinarians, who were educated in Bangladesh, and  Bulgaria, (if at all), and veterinarians running shot clinics in disgrace on card tables at pet stores, putting needle to skin without a previous medical history to refer to, in practical anonymity. Calling yourself, Dr. Brian, is really just diversion. 

In the final analysis, I think if I am not soothing enough in my demeanor and mannerisms, to take the edge off a name like Erik Johnson, (I don’t wear a white coat by the way) I might need to change work. Lol. It’s a very good question. Thank you for asking. And if you want to call me, Dr. Erik, that’s fine. I’ve been called worse! Lol. 

You can practically call me whatever you want, I don’t have the ego to insist on “doctor” in front of my name, but I will continue to use my full name everywhere you see it in print ads or interviews, because I am proud of the work it took to get where I am, I’m proud of my degree and I’m proud of my licensing. 

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